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Working with oxygen modulation

   Cells and tissue are often cultivated under non-physiologic conditions, though, in most cases, the cell behaviour is radically different in hypoxic and normoxic air.
   Working under controlled conditions is essential to ensure conditions that are close to the tissue microenvironment. Differentiation, proliferation, survival and cell metabolism could vary to a great extent, especially when dioxygenases are implied in the process to be followed.

    Under a controlled hypoxic environment, cells are submitted to « in vivo » conditions. In that way, metabolism, gene expression profile and cell fate are similar to what should happen under the real conditions of tissues and solid tumours.
    By displacing the oxygen with nitrogen, we are able to accurately maintain the low O2 conditions that your cells may require. Our innovative workstation allows for temperature, humidity, CO2 and O2 control.

    O2Sens is a set of hypoxic chambers that makes it possible to modulate the micro-environment of tissue culture. Several versatiles incubators are proposed, depending on your needs.
- Tissue-mimicking environment
Oncology, ischemia, inflammation, bone regeneration, heart and respiratory failure, COPD, hyperoxia and ROS, aging studies, metabolism, arteriosclerosis, animal studies…
- Tissue Engineering
Organ culture, transplants & biopsies

- Reproduction and development
Stem cell propagation and differentiation, in vitro fertilisation, embryoids, transgenics and tranfection
- Engineered cells
Optimisation of protein production
- Anaerobic bacterial growth and optimisation
Enteric strain, Yersinia, Neiserria, Campilobacter, Heliobacter…


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