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Biosensor presentation

    During the different steps of drug development, Cancer research requires the development of new tools and abilities. A set of tools has been developed to provide validation of compounds, ranging from cell-based assays to in vivo trials. Adelbio is setting several bioluminescent stable cell models to gather with their process of evaluation and use, such as :

Breast Vision Cells
    These mammary carcinoma cells are stable constitutive bioluminescent cells which offer the feature to monitor the growth of a tumour in " in vivo " models after a xenograft. They can also be used in oncology, as a tool for measuring the growth of living cells during a screening phase. Fluorescence can be easily measured through low level light imaging or flow cytometry analysis.

O2Sens Cells
   These engineered cellular models, based on fusion protein or gene reporter technologies, lead to a better understanding of the hypoxia response pathway. We have focused on solid tumour bioluminescent models, and more specifically, on invasive breast cancer.

O2Sens Predict
    Clinical extensions have been carried out, in association with a clinical cancer centre, on a retrospective cohort pilot study of ductal invasive mammary carcinoma, in which markers related to relapse were highlighted.


- Lead validations, targeted therapies
- Screening
- Pre-clinical phase


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