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With complementary approaches in electronic and life sciences, ADELBIO masters a strong biotechnological expertise.

Fabrice Rossignol, 38 years old, ADELBIO founder and CEO, obtained his PhD in molecular and physiological adaptations to hypoxia in 2003. He has participated in the submission, implementation and follow-up of a co-operative and scientific program for the CNRS. He has also managed multi-centre research project in molecular immunology and innovative product conceptions involving trans-disciplinary skills for biotechnology.

Jean-Marc Rossignol, 42 years old, ADELBIO founder and president, is an engineer in microelectronics. He worked as an engineer for Altran Technologies, Eurodis and Swatch group before founding his own company as an independent consultant. He provides the technical skill for electronic and photonic modules development.

Jean-Claude Bernengo, 67 years old, ADELBIO associate and scientific adviser, obtained his PhD in biophysics in 1970. He has worked on membranes and DNA characterisation for the CEA, Museum of Natural History (France) and Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research (Canada) and was given a research position at the French CNRS to study the electro-optical properties of protein and nucleic acids. In 1984, he became Professor of Medical Engineering at Besançon University where he principally devoted his time to skin research.
Later, he got a position of Professor of Biophysics at Lyon University, during this period; he was in charge of a myocardium electrophysiology and biophysics team at the INSERM before becoming director of the Image Analysis Department of Lyon University for five years. He has participated in the creation of “Non-Invasive Technologies”, a small company devoted to the development of new techniques for in situ characterisation of skin and biological tissue properties.

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